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Data Protection

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased that you are interested in Deutsche Bahn (AG)* as a potential employer. The protection of personal data of applicants**, employees and all third parties connected with us is of particular importance to us.

When processing personal data, Deutsche Bahn takes account of the relevant statutory provisions on privacy and data security applicable in the respective countries, as well as of our internal privacy regulations.

This Privacy Notice provides information on how Deutsche Bahn deals with personal data collected through Deutsche Bahn’s job board web pages, or that you otherwise provide to Deutsche Bahn, due to your application, and explains the handling of your personal data in the course of the application process.

For better clarity, this privacy notice is divided into three sections: The first section A provides general information relevant for all subsidiaries of Deutsche Bahn which use these web pages for their application processes. Country and subsidiary specifics with regard to privacy are then explained in section B. Section C gives you further insights into technically relevant information.

Part A - General Information

1. Which purpose has the personal data collection?

Deutsche Bahn needs your personal data to handle your application. The data you have provided to us in line with your application will only be used and processed for the purpose of applicant selection. For the handling of your application we will only use the information that you have provided to us directly. This may include details that you have stored in online career networks or other job boards.

In addition, it is our goal to make the application process as easy as possible for you. We take your application into account for further positions within our subsidiaries. In this case, we might contact you and invite you to apply for another position if your profile matches. You then decide if you are interested in applying. The same applies for any speculative application that you might have provided to us.

2. Which personal data do we collect?

We record your personal data which is relevant for, or that you provide to us during, the application process (including, but not limited to last name, first name, address, email, position you applied for, and details on your application). To be able to consider your application thoroughly we might also need information on your previous professional career and other similar information.

In order to consider you for other suitable jobs, we will ask you in some cases for your preferences (e.g. regarding preferred locations or job groups).

If our system contains more than one profile of you with an identical e-mail address, the data is automatically merged.  Old data will be overwritten by the newer data. All provided/uploaded attachments will be preserved.

In the case of an online application you complete the personal data in the online forms and upload the relevant documents. In the case of other application channels, we record the relevant information from your application and store your application documents.

3. Who processes the information from your application?

Due to the organizational structure of Deutsche Bahn and depending on the method of application chosen by you, your application might be processed by different divisions. In all cases, your personal data will exclusively be processed by the unit that is responsible for recruiting and, if necessary, by service providers which are contractually bound and legally obliged to comply with the applicable privacy regulations.

In your online application for a specific job or to attend a recruitment event, you can, as an external applicant, actively agree to the disclosure of your personal data for other suitable jobs in the same or another group company (both nationally and internationally). If you do not agree or if you cancel your agreement, this means that the application will cease to be considered for other jobs. If you have applied by email or post, we will inform you in the acknowledgement of application that we would also like to check your application against other job offers in the same or another group company. In this regard, we will advise you to notify us if you do not agree to this. Prior to any disclosure of your personal data, we will contact you again to obtain your express consent. You may cancel your agreement to disclosure at any time, by email or post, at the address indicated in Clause 1. If you retract your consent to share your application, the consequence is that your application will no longer be taken into account for other positions.

4. Who is informed about your application?

Your personal data is treated strictly confidentially and will be provided only to the competent persons involved in the recruitment process and to subcontractors which might deliver necessary services during the selection process (e.g. online test suppliers). For more details on subcontractors on a country and subsidiary level please refer to section B.

Should you be considered for employment, the subsequent use or disclosure of your information is limited to general accepted employment-related purposes to those with a need to know. This includes information disclosed to internal or third party providers for required pre-employment check, verification and any legal or regulatory requirements.

If you apply online, we ask you to decide to which extent we are allowed to share your personal data:

  • In case you select “nationally”, your profile is visible to Personnel responsible for recruitment within the country in which the position is located or which you have selected as country of interest in the speculative application process.
  • In case you select “internationally”, your profile is visible to Personnel responsible for recruitment independent in which country they are located. This means that all responsible employees of all DB Group companies that use this platform for their recruitment purposes, including, if applicable, employees of their respective data processors, have access to your application/profile. You find out to which DB Group companies this actually applies if you turn to the overview of the attached local privacy policies (see Section B).

Within DB Group uniform minimum standards apply for dealing with personal data, according to our Global Privacy Policy.

In particular, it is inadmissible to use your application/profile for other purposes besides our recruitment processes, as described in our Privacy Policy. Nevertheless please note that due to the various locally applicable data protection regulations there are different levels of protection by the respective privacy regulation in the different countries.

If you applied using any other application channel besides online application, your personal data will only be shared in the country the job is located in.

You can revise your decision on the visibility of your application at any time, for instance you may decide to withdraw your decision to be visible internationally. If you want to do so, please refer to part B and the respective country and subsidiary specific section for the concrete email address.

5. How can you change your personal data?

In the case of an online application you can access and update your profile and personal information in the job board, including your personal data and added documents, at any time. Furthermore, it is possible to withdraw an application for a position via your profile. If you want us to delete your profile and/or some or all of your applications with immediate effect, please refer to part B for the respective email address to request the deletion. In this case we will also inform any subcontractor (e.g. for online tests) who might have received your personal data and request the instant deletion of your personal data.

6. When is your personal data deleted?

Due to different deletion periods based on the diverse applicable local data protection laws please refer to the relevant paragraph in part B for further details. We will only store your personal data as long as necessary.

7. You have questions about data privacy?

For question and suggestions around the privacy topic please address them to our contact persons in the respective country and subsidiary named in part B.

Part B – Additional Country and Subsidiary Specific Information


Privacy notice

This notice explains how Schenker (Ireland) Limited (referred to in this notice as we, us or our) collects and uses information during the recruitment and selection process. This notice covers the following:

  1. What is personal data?
  2. How do we collect personal data?
  3. What information do we collect?
  4. How do we use your information?
  5. What is the legal basis that permits us to use your information?
  6. What happens if you do not provide information that we request?
  7. How do we share your information?
  8. How do we keep your information secure?
  9. When do we transfer your information overseas?
  10. For how long do we keep your information?
  11. Your rights in relation to your information
  12. Complaints

The Table at the end of this notice provides an overview of the data that we collect, the purposes for which we use that data, the legal basis which permits us to use your information and the rights that you have in relation to your information.

We may update this notice from time to time.

Contact details

Our contact details are as follows:

Address: Smithstown Industrial Estate, Shannon Co. Clare

We have appointed a data protection officer who has responsibility for advising us on our data protection obligations. You can contact the data protection officer using the following details:

Anna Clancy, +353 (0)61 709 817

1. What is personal data?

Personal data is any information that tells us something about you. This could include information such as your name, contact details, date of birth, and references.

2. How do we collect personal data?

We collect personal data about you from various sources including:

  • From you when you contact us directly through the application and recruitment process;
  • From agencies who send us your details through the application and recruitment process;
  • From other people when we check references or carry out background checks – if we do this we will inform you during the recruitment process of the exact checks that are carried out.

3. What information do we collect?

We collect the following categories of information about you:

  • Personal contact details such as name, title, address, telephone number and personal email addresses
  • Date of birth
  • Recruitment information (including copies of right to work documentation, references and other information in your CV or cover letter or otherwise provided as part of the application process)
  • Information about criminal convictions and offences committed by you
  • Information about your medical history to ensure that we are aware of any disabilities, and any reasonable adjustments that may be required by you.

4. How do we use your information?

We use your information for the following purposes:

  • To make decisions about your recruitment and appointment
  • To check you are legally entitled to work in Ireland
  • To assess your qualifications for a particular job or task
  • To conduct data analytics studies to review and better understand job application rates
  • To carry out equal opportunities monitoring
  • To gain five year background / reference checks

5. What is the legal basis that permits us to use your information?

Under data protection legislation we are only permitted to use your personal data if we have a legal basis for doing so as set out in the data protection legislation. We rely on the following legal bases to use your information for employment/engagement related purposes:

  • Where we need information to enter into a contract with you
  • Where we need to comply with a legal obligation
  • Where it is necessary for our legitimate interests (or those of a third party) and your interests and fundamental rights do not override those interests

The Table at the end of this notice provides more detail about the information that we use, the legal basis that we rely on in each case and your rights.

Some information is classified as "special" data under data protection legislation. This includes information relating to health, racial or ethnic origin, religious beliefs or political opinions, sexual orientation and trade union membership. This information is more sensitive and we need to have further justifications for collecting, storing and using this type of personal data. There are also additional restrictions on the circumstances in which we are permitted to collect and use criminal conviction data. We may process special categories of personal data and criminal conviction information in limited circumstances with your explicit consent, in which case we will explain the purpose for which the information will be used at the point where we ask for your consent.

6. What happens if you do not provide information that we request?

We need some of your personal data in order to conduct the recruitment and selection process. If you do not provide such information, we may not be able to continue with the recruitment process or offer you employment/engagement. We explain when this is the case at the point where we collect information from you.

7. How do we share your information?

We share your personal data in the following ways:

  • Where we use third party services providers who process personal data on our behalf in order to provide services to us. This includes recruitment agents and IT systems providers.
  • We will share your personal data with third parties where we are required to do so by law or to comply with our regulatory obligations.
  • Thomas International who are providers of any testing that you will take part in during the recruitment process such as Personality Profiling, GIA etc
  • With other entities in our group as part of our regular reporting activities and in the context of a business reorganisation or group restructuring exercise.
  • If we sell any part of our business and/or integrate it with another organisation your details may be disclosed to our advisers and to prospective purchasers or joint venture partners and their advisers.

Where we share your personal data with third parties we ensure that we have appropriate measures in place to safeguard your personal data and to ensure that it is solely used for legitimate purposes in line with this privacy notice.

8. How do we keep your information secure?

Data is stored in a range of different places, including in your hard and soft copy personnel file, in the organisation's HR management systems, the Payroll management system, the companies HR shared drive and in other IT systems (including the organisation's email system). All hard copy personnel files are kept in locked filing cabinets in a dedicated locked room.

We take the security of your data seriously. We have internal policies and controls in place to try to ensure that your data is not lost, accidentally destroyed, misused or disclosed, and is not accessed except by its employees in the performance of their duties. In relation to this Schenker Ltd is following the ISO 27001 standard based security policy applied at the DB Group level globally. The closed internal network has been designed to protect from external threats. All major systems are hosted at the high security data centres with the geographic redundancy. Server backups are secured and encrypted to protect the offline copies of the data.

We will ensure access to personal data is restricted to employees working within our group on a need to know basis. Training will be provided to any employees working within the group who need access to your personal data to ensure it is secured at all times.

9. When do we transfer your information overseas?

We will not transfer your data to countries outside the European Economic Area. Any data that is transferred to a group company within the EEA, is done so under the terms of this privacy policy.

When data is transferred to countries outside of Ireland and the European Economic Area those countries may not offer an equivalent level of protection for personal data to the laws in Ireland. Where this is the case we will ensure that appropriate safeguards are put in place to protect your personal data.

10. For how long do we keep your information?

As a general rule we keep personal data about candidates for the duration of the recruitment and selection process and for a period of 6 months after candidates have been notified whether their application has been successful. However, where we have statutory obligations to keep personal data for a longer period or where we may need your information for a longer period in case of a legal claim, then the retention period may be longer. Full details of the retention periods that apply to your information are set out in our Control of Documents and Records which is available on request to the

11. Your rights in relation to your information

You have a number of rights in relation to your personal data, these include the right to:

  • be informed about how we use your personal data;
  • obtain access to your personal data that we hold;
  • request that your personal data is corrected if you believe it is incorrect, incomplete or inaccurate;
  • request that we erase your personal data in the following circumstances:
  1. if we are continuing to process personal data beyond the period when it is necessary to do so for the purpose for which it was originally collected;
  2. if we are relying on consent as the legal basis for processing and you withdraw consent;
  3. if we are relying on legitimate interest as the legal basis for processing and you object to this processing and there is no overriding compelling ground which enables us to continue with the processing;
  4. if the personal data has been processed unlawfully (i.e. in breach of the requirements of the data protection legislation);
  5. if it is necessary to delete the personal data to comply with a legal obligation.

  • ask us to restrict our data processing activities where you consider that:
  1. personal data is inaccurate;
  2. our processing of your personal data is unlawful ;
  3. where we no longer need the personal data but you require us to keep it to enable you to establish, exercise or defend a legal claim;
  4. where you have raised an objection to our use of your personal data;

  • request a copy of certain personal data that you have provided to us in a commonly used electronic format. This right relates to personal data that you have provided to us that we need in order to take steps to enter into a contract with you and personal data where we are relying on consent to process your personal data;
  • object to our processing of your personal data where we are relying on legitimate interests or exercise of a public interest task to make the processing lawful. If you raise an objection we will carry out an assessment to determine whether we have an overriding legitimate ground which entitles us to continue to process your personal data;
  • not be subject to automated decisions which produce legal effects or which could have a similarly significant effect on you.

If you would like to exercise any of your rights or find out more, please contact Anna Clancy, . The Table at the end of this notice provides more detail about the information that we use, the legal basis that we rely on in each case and your rights.

12. Complaints

If you have any complaints about the way we use your personal data please contact Anna Clancy, who will try to resolve the issue. If we cannot resolve your complaint, you have the right to complain to the data protection authority in your country (the Information Commissioner in the Ireland).

Part C – Technical Information

For technical reasons, certain data must be collected and saved when you visit this website. The following data is collected without any action on your part and saved until it is automatically deleted after 10 days:

  • IP address from the querying computer,
  • Date and time of access,
  • Name and URL of the file acessed,
  • Website from which the access took place (referrer URL),
  • the browser used and in some cases the operating system of your computer.

1. How is your personal data transferred?

The internet server of our provider meets the current security standards. Our aim is to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, publication, change and deletion. Your personal data is transferred to the servers using the security standard, the TLS method. 

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files which might store personal data. Cookies can be sent to this website when it is called, allowing the user to be identified. Cookies help users to use internet sites more easily.  

We differentiate between cookies that are necessary for the technical functions of the website and those that are not necessary. We would like to provide you the option to make an informed decision for or against the use of cookies that are not necessary for technical functions of this website. The use of this website in its entirety will not be affected by this.

2.1 How are cookies used?

This is an information of how and in what manner cookies are used on our sites. 

The use of the career portal and application system is generally possible without the use of cookies that do not serve a technical purpose. This means that you can prevent browser tracking from cookies (do-no-track, tracking protection list) or disallow saving of third-party cookies. In addition, we recommend checking the saved cookies regularly if they are not expressly desired. 

Please note that when you delete all cookies, you are also deleting any opt-out cookies, meaning that you must opt out again.

Cookies that are mandatory for using the site:

Session cookies cannot be deactivated as they are necessary for the usage of this website. 

The “PHPSESSID cookie” and the "ScustomPortal-[...] cookie" are used by the platform on stateless protocols as identification criteria to recognize several associated requests of a client and to assign them to one session. In these cookies there is a long alphanumerical ID included which is also stored on the server. In case both IDs match, the client is allowed to send a request to the server. The session and the cookie are destroyed as soon as the page is closed.

3. Use of Adobe Analytics

This website uses Adobe Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Adobe Systems Software Ireland Limited (4-6 Riverwalk, City West Business Campus, Dublin 24, Ireland) ("Adobe"), in order to analyze and periodically improve the use of this website. The statistics we collect enable us to improve our services and make them more interesting for you as a user. Adobe Analytics uses cookies with a duration of 24 months that are stored on your computer to enable us to analyze your use of the website. 

The information generated by the cookie is transferred to an Adobe server in the USA and stored there. Since a technique for anonymizing your IP address is activated on this website, your IP address will be shortened beforehand. Adobe will use this information for the purpose of evaluating your use of the website, compiling reports on website activity and providing other services to us relating to website activity and internet usage. In this way we can see how often which sections and texts on our pages are read and used, and whether the design of our page has an influence on the extent of use. The statistics obtained allow us to improve our offer and make it more interesting for you as a user. Entries made in form fields during the application process are not evaluated with Adobe Analytics. 

Adobe provides us with this information only as aggregate data that represents general website usage. The information we receive from Adobe is not personalized nor is it possible to link it to one specific individual.

The legal basis for the use of Adobe Analytics is Art. 6 Para. 1 S. 1 lit. f) GDPR.

You can object to the creation of the user profiles described above at any time. There are several ways of doing so:

1.) One possibility to object to web analysis by Adobe Analytics is to set an opt-out cookie that instructs Adobe not to store or use your data for web analysis purposes. Please note that with this solution, the web analysis will only not take place as long as the opt-out cookie is stored by the browser. If you would like to set the opt-out cookie now, please click here:

2.) You can also prevent the storage of the cookies used for profile creation by setting your browser software accordingly.

Adobe Test and Target
(currently only used on the German career portal)

We use the software Test & Target from the company Adobe. This allows us to perform on two different versions of this website. For this purpose, the software also offers a modified version (e.g. with different content, structure and design) compared to the original version of this website. By comparing the usage of both variants, we can then determine which display our website visitors prefer. For more information about Adobe Test & Target features, visit:

Under no circumstances does Adobe Test & Target store and process personal data, such as a complete IP address, through this website. Only information that does not allow any conclusions to be drawn about individual persons is processed. The usage behavior is shown cumulatively by quantitative methods. Adobe uses "session cookies" and "permanent cookies". The former are only temporarily stored for the duration of your use of this website. The "permanent cookies" are used to record information about visitors who repeatedly access this website.

Here you can find the privacy statement for Adobe Test & Target:

You can disable Adobe Test & Target on this website by opting out:

4. Use of YouTube

We want to give you a wide variety of information across media formats. Our website includes embedded YouTube videos. We merely enable a connection to YouTube. YouTube is a service of Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. 

The privacy-enhanced mode is activated for all YouTube videos on our website. The privacy-enhanced mode is provided by YouTube and ensures that YouTube does not save any cookies containing personal data on your computer. When the website is called up and in the embedding of the videos the IP address is transmitted. This will not be assigned to any other data if before you call up the page you have not logged in to YouTube or another Google service or if you are not permanently logged in.

When you click to play the embedded video, the privacy-enhanced mode means that YouTube saves on your computer only cookies that do not contain any personally identifiable data. These cookies can be disabled in the browser settings and extensions. YouTube sets a session cookie that is deleted when you close your browser. 

For more information on the integrated YouTube videos, see YouTube's informational page under:

Additional Information

*  To Deutsche Bahn belong all subsidiary companies of Deutsche Bahn AG.

** For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is dispensed with. However, all descriptions apply to all gender types.