Privacy Policy Spain

Privacy Policy Spain


Data Protection

Thank you for visiting our website. We are pleased that you are interested in Deutsche Bahn (AG)* as a potential employer. The protection of personal data of applicants**, employees and all third parties connected with us is of particular importance to us.

When processing personal data, Deutsche Bahn takes account of the relevant statutory provisions on privacy and data security applicable in the respective countries, as well as of our internal privacy regulations.

This Privacy Notice provides information on how Deutsche Bahn deals with personal data collected through Deutsche Bahn’s job board web pages, or that you otherwise provide to Deutsche Bahn, due to your application, and explains the handling of your personal data in the course of the application process.

For better clarity, this privacy notice is divided into three sections: The first section A provides general information relevant for all subsidiaries of Deutsche Bahn which use these web pages for their application processes. Country and subsidiary specifics with regard to privacy are then explained in section B. Section C gives you further insights into technically relevant information.

Part A - General Information

1. Which purpose has the personal data collection?

Deutsche Bahn needs your personal data to handle your application. The data you have provided to us in line with your application will only be used and processed for the purpose of applicant selection. For the handling of your application we will only use the information that you have provided to us directly. This may include details that you have stored in online career networks or other job boards.

In addition, it is our goal to make the application process as easy as possible for you. We take your application into account for further positions within our subsidiaries. In this case, we might contact you and invite you to apply for another position if your profile matches. You then decide if you are interested in applying. The same applies for any speculative application that you might have provided to us.

2. Which personal data do we collect?

We record your personal data which is relevant for, or that you provide to us during, the application process (including, but not limited to last name, first name, address, email, position you applied for, and details on your application). To be able to consider your application thoroughly we might also need information on your previous professional career and other similar information.

In order to consider you for other suitable jobs, we will ask you in some cases for your preferences (e.g. regarding preferred locations or job groups).

In the case of an online application you complete the personal data in the online forms and upload the relevant documents. In the case of other application channels, we record the relevant information from your application and store your application documents.

3. Who processes the information from your application?

In your online application for a specific job or to attend a recruitment event, you can, as an external applicant, actively agree to the disclosure of your personal data for other suitable jobs in the same or another group company (both nationally and internationally). If you do not agree or if you cancel your agreement, this means that the application will cease to be considered for other jobs. If you have applied by email or post, we will inform you in the acknowledgement of application that we would also like to check your application against other job offers in the same or another group company. In this regard, we will advise you to notify us if you do not agree to this. Prior to any disclosure of your personal data, we will contact you again to obtain your express consent. You may cancel your agreement to disclosure at any time, by email or post, at the address indicated in Clause 1. If you retract your consent to share your application, the consequence is that your application will no longer be taken into account for other positions.

Where your application may be subject to examination by DB Zeitarbeit GmbH, the HR service provider for the Deutsche Bahn Group, we will in any case obtain your express consent prior to any disclosure of your data.

For the purposes of initial selection, we carry out a binding online test relating to the Induction Programme Vocational Training and Cooperative Education. 
In carrying out the online test procedure for the start of vocational training or a cooperative education programme in autumn 2021, we work with our contractually bound partner, eligo GmbH, Universitätsstrasse 142, 44799 Bochum. The invitation to the online test is sent by email to people who have applied for a job with us, by eligo GmbH acting on our behalf. The information necessary for the invitation and for carrying out the online test procedure (full name, gender, email address, job applied for, school leaving qualification), will be passed to eligo GmbH exclusively for this purpose. 

In carrying out the online test procedure for the start of vocational training or a cooperative education programme in autumn 2022, we work with our contractually bound partner, Aon Assessment GmbH, Großer Burstah 18-32, 20457 Hamburg. The information necessary for carrying out the online test procedure (applicant ID, job applied for), will be passed to Aon Assessment GmbH exclusively for this purpose. 

For some jobs, a company medical and/or psychological aptitude examination is required. Following the examinations, our appointed service providers will inform us of the applicant's suitability/fitness for the job in question. We do not receive information about your personal examination results.
When selecting someone for a specific job, and throughout the recruitment process, your application documents will be shared with those responsible for recruitment in the relevant group company.

If your application is considered for examination by a DB Cargo company, we will process your data by means of an automated comparison with the sanctions lists of the relevant EU regulations.

4. Who is informed about your application?

Your personal data is treated strictly confidentially and will be provided only to the competent persons involved in the recruitment process and to subcontractors which might deliver necessary services during the selection process (e.g. online test suppliers). For more details on subcontractors on a country and subsidiary level please refer to section B.

Should you be considered for employment, the subsequent use or disclosure of your information is limited to general accepted employment-related purposes to those with a need to know. This includes information disclosed to internal or third party providers for required pre-employment check, verification and any legal or regulatory requirements.

If you apply online, we ask you to decide to which extent we are allowed to share your personal data:

  • In case you select “nationally”, your profile is visible to Personnel responsible for recruitment within the country in which the position is located or which you have selected as country of interest in the speculative application process.
  • In case you select “internationally”, your profile is visible to Personnel responsible for recruitment independent in which country they are located. This means that all responsible employees of all DB Group companies that use this platform for their recruitment purposes, including, if applicable, employees of their respective data processors, have access to your application/profile. You find out to which DB Group companies this actually applies if you turn to the overview of the attached local privacy policies (see Section B).

Within DB Group uniform minimum standards apply for dealing with personal data, according to our Global Privacy Policy.

In particular, it is inadmissible to use your application/profile for other purposes besides our recruitment processes, as described in our Privacy Policy. Nevertheless please note that due to the various locally applicable data protection regulations there are different levels of protection by the respective privacy regulation in the different countries.

If you applied using any other application channel besides online application, your personal data will only be shared in the country the job is located in.

You can revise your decision on the visibility of your application at any time, for instance you may decide to withdraw your decision to be visible internationally. If you want to do so, please refer to part B and the respective country and subsidiary specific section for the concrete email address.

5. How can you change your personal data?

In the case of an online application you can access and update your profile and personal information in the job board, including your personal data and added documents, at any time. Furthermore, it is possible to withdraw an application for a position via your profile. If you want us to delete your profile and/or some or all of your applications with immediate effect, please refer to part B for the respective email address to request the deletion. In this case we will also inform any subcontractor (e.g. for online tests) who might have received your personal data and request the instant deletion of your personal data.

6. When is your personal data deleted?

In the context of an online application for a specific job or to attend a recruitment event, as well as depositing your data for the purpose of long-term contact, you can delete your data and the attachments (e.g. your CV) at any time yourself. In addition, you can ask us to delete your data. If you require the immediate deletion of your applicant profile, please contact the address indicated in Clause 1.

Our standard deletion period for an application is four months after the end of the application process (the applicant has either been hired or rejected) or after the end of a recruiting event.

If you have deleted or requested deletion of your data relating to an application for vocational training or a cooperative education programme, we will notify our corresponding partner for the obligatory online test, eligo GmbH for the start of vocational training or a cooperative education programme in autumn 2021 and Aon Assessment GmbH for the start of vocational training or a cooperative education programme in autumn 2022, without delay, indicating that your data that is held must also be deleted. The standard deletion period at eligo GmbH is three months as from the last time the applicant accessed the online test. The standard deletion period at Aon Assessment GmbH is four months as from the last time the applicant accessed the online test.

If you have attended our assessment center for our cooperative education programmes or our graduate trainee programme, we will store your result for a maximum period of 12 months.

Your candidate profile (online user account) will be deleted automatically from our career portal four months after your last application has been deleted if you have not also logged in to the career portal since that deletion. If you have logged in without submitting an application, the deletion period of four month is as from your last log-in. In both cases, you will receive an e-mail 14 days before your candidate profile (online user account) is deleted, notifying you of the upcoming deletion. In this e-mail, you will also be informed that you can keep the account active and prevent deletion if you log in to your candidate profile (online user account).

If your data is deposited for the purpose of long-term contact (B5), we will contact you by email every 12 months to re-examine your consent. If you do not actively agree to further contact, your applicant / interest profile will be completely deleted 4 months after sending this email (online user account).
Where no consent to further processing is obtained from candidates under the Talent Sourcing process, their details will be deleted no later than six months after the start of the sourcing process.

Part B – Additional Country and Subsidiary Specific Information

Application process at Transfesa

Transfesa does not accept paper or email applications. You can send us your application via the career portal or the Transfesa website.
During the selection process, we might request you to complete assessment tests provided by Talent Q.
Please be informed we will cancel any use of your personal data one year after the recruitment process object of your last application ends.
In accordance with Organic Law 15/1999, of 13 December, concerning the Protection of Personal Data (“LOPD”) and the rules for its application, the following details are relevant if you hand in an application to Transfesa in Spain.

1. Collection and main purpose
Please note that the personal data and information, as well as the CV and all documentation you send us -including your academic transcript- or provide by any other mean ("Data"), will be included in a personal data file belonging to TRANSPORTES FERROVIARIOS ESPECIALES, S.A., Calle Musgo 1, 28023 - Madrid. Your Data shall be processed to deal with your application for employment and to manage the TRANSFESA Group's recruitment process, which when necessary will include your participation in various selection tests.

2. Other purposes of processing and communications to third parties
In addition, Data will be disclosed to the companies in the Group to which TRANSFESA belongs (hereinafter "DB GROUP") either nationally or internationally, in accordance with the option you select, so that these companies can act on your job application and manage the selection process. Companies in the DB GROUP are located in Spain and abroad (even in countries outside the European Union which may not have a comparable data protection level) and are listed and may be consulted at any time in section B of this privacy policy.

3. Storage of your personal data
Your Data will be kept on files while it remains applicable during our process and within the legal or contractual period for any action can be taken by you or by TRANSFESA. In any event, your Data will be duly blocked, as stipulated in the LOPD, at the end of our relationship.
Transfesa has taken the technical and organizational measures required in order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of the personal data provided, taking into account the state of the technology, the nature of the data and the risks to which they are exposed.

4. Exercising of rights
In order to exercise: (i) your rights of access to, rectification and cancellation of the Data; (ii) your right to object to any of the processing referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2 above, and (iii) the revocation of any consent granted; please contact the TRANSFESA Human Resources Department by post at Calle Musgo 1, 28023 - Madrid, or send an e-mail to the following address:, stating your name and surname(s) in both cases.
Finally, we are pleased to inform you that TRANSFESA has a Personal Data Protection Committee, which is at your disposal, and can be contacted in the event of any questions, queries or suggestions that may arise in relation to the processing of your Data, at the following address, stating your name and surname(s):

When you apply for a job at DB Cargo we would like to inform you that, in order to combat terrorism, we are checking your data according to the relevant EU-acts as well as the current US-regulations on sanction lists.

Part C – Technical Information

For technical reasons, certain data must be collected and saved when you visit this website. The following data is collected without any action on your part and saved until it is automatically deleted after 10 days:

• IP address from the querying computer,

• Date and time of access,

• Name and URL of the file acessed,

• Website from which the access took place (referrer URL),

• the browser used and in some cases the operating system of your computer.

1. How is your personal data transferred?

The internet server of our provider meets the current security standards. Our aim is to protect your personal data from loss, misuse, unauthorised access, publication, change and deletion. Your personal data is transferred to the servers using the security standard, the TLS method. 

2. What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files which might store personal data. Cookies can be sent to this website when it is called, allowing the user to be identified. Cookies help users to use internet sites more easily.  

We differentiate between cookies that are necessary for the technical functions of the website and those that are not necessary. We would like to provide you the option to make an informed decision for or against the use of cookies that are not necessary for technical functions of this website. The use of this website in its entirety will not be affected by this.

2.1 How are cookies used?

This is an information of how and in what manner cookies are used on our sites. 

The use of the career portal and application system is generally possible without the use of cookies that do not serve a technical purpose. This means that you can prevent browser tracking from cookies (do-no-track, tracking protection list) or disallow saving of third-party cookies. In addition, we recommend checking the saved cookies regularly if they are not expressly desired. 

Please note that when you delete all cookies, you are also deleting any opt-out cookies, meaning that you must opt out again.

Cookies that are mandatory for using the site:

Session cookies cannot be deactivated as they are necessary for the usage of this website. 

The “PHPSESSID cookie” and the "ScustomPortal-[...] cookie" are used by the platform on stateless protocols as identification criteria to recognize several associated requests of a client and to assign them to one session. In these cookies there is a long alphanumerical ID included which is also stored on the server. In case both IDs match, the client is allowed to send a request to the server. The session and the cookie are destroyed as soon as the page is closed.

Cookies that are not mandatory for site use include Google Analytics cookies. Please refer to item 3.

3. Use of Google Analytics 

This website uses Google Analytics, a web analysis service of Google Inc. ("Google"), to analyse the use of our website and to improve it on a regular basis. The statistics gathered allow us to improve our offering and design it in a way that is more attractive to you. 

Google Analytics uses cookies that are saved on your computer and enable us to analyse how you use our website. The information generated by the cookie regarding your usage is submitted to a Google server in the United States, where it is saved. As requested by the operator of this website, Google will then use this information to evaluate how users use the website, create reports about website activities and provide other services for the website operator related to the use of the website and internet use. Your IP address is anonymized and will not be combined with any other data collected by Google.

The cookies have a runtime of 24 months.

To prevent data (inclusive your IP address) generated by the cookie with regard to the use of the website from being gathered and any processing by Google, you can install the Google browser add-on found under this link

This sets an opt-out cookie that prevents the collection of your data on our site in future. This applies for this browser only and for this website only. If you delete the cookies in your browser, you must set the opt-out cookie again.

For more information on data protection in connection with Google Analytics, see also Google Analytics Help (

4. Use of YouTube

We want to give you a wide variety of information across media formats. Our website includes embedded YouTube videos. We merely enable a connection to YouTube. YouTube is a service of Google Inc., Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA. 

The privacy-enhanced mode is activated for all YouTube videos on our website. The privacy-enhanced mode is provided by YouTube and ensures that YouTube does not save any cookies containing personal data on your computer. When the website is called up and in the embedding of the videos the IP address is transmitted. This will not be assigned to any other data if before you call up the page you have not logged in to YouTube or another Google service or if you are not permanently logged in.

When you click to play the embedded video, the privacy-enhanced mode means that YouTube saves on your computer only cookies that do not contain any personally identifiable data. These cookies can be disabled in the browser settings and extensions. YouTube sets a session cookie that is deleted when you close your browser. 

For more information on the integrated YouTube videos, see YouTube's informational page under:

Additional Information

*  To Deutsche Bahn belong all subsidiary companies of Deutsche Bahn AG.

** For reasons of better legibility, the simultaneous use of male and female language forms is dispensed with. However, all descriptions apply to all gender types.