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What can I do if none of the available job templates suit my request?

For every country, there should be at least one generic job template. Please starty typing „generic“ into the search bar for job templates to find it. In general, you are able to adjust all information in the job templates if needed.

What can I do to delegate my job request to a colleague or assistant?

When submitting a job, you are able to add „additional responsibles“ for every position in the respective field. These users will see the same information on the job and the related candidates as you do on your dashboard. If you want to add additional responsibles after the job was successfully submitted, please contact your responsible HR person. S/he can add additonal responsibles in the backend for you.

Why can I not see the button „Show all linked candidates“ for all of my jobs?

This button is only available once applicants for this position for shortlisted.

Why can I not see the button „Review Candidate“ for all candidates?

You will only see the button for candidates who reached the step „Shortlist“. For candidates that have been shortlisted already and reach a later step in the process, the button will no longer be visible.

Can I see all candidates who applied for my position?

You will see all candidates who were screened and shortlisted by your responsible HR person.